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Vol. 18 No. ISSN: 1595-4943 (2023)
Published June 29, 2023
Sapientia: Journal of Philosophy

Sapientia as an academic journal publishes original and novel philosophical articles across a wide variety of themes as it bothers on real live existential concerns with a view to advancing solutions for a better humanity and society.

The above notwithstanding, the journal also accommodates other articles with similar concerns from other disciplines.

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Sapientia Journal is published in the month of March, June, September and December.

SAPIENTIA welcomes original research articles, however, priority attention will be given to articles devoted to Africa and African-related issues.

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June 21, 2021


Adekunle A. Ibrahim, Ph.D, Chidoziri O. Ihehiulor, Ikemesit J. Nkanta
Epistemology and Humanism: Two Sides of a Coin?
Mark Omorovie Ikeke, Eyankuaire Moses Darah
The Virtue of “Akpo Edenden ve Ufuoma” among the Urhobo: Imperatives for Environmental Security in Africa
Aniebo Samson, Ph.D, Christopher Priscilla Peculiar, Ukpong Mercy Maxwell
Non-Verbal Communication in Multicultural Organizations: A Study of KEDI Healthcare, Uyo
Valentine Ojiegbe
Expediency and Value In Environmental Ethics: Re-Thinking the Problem of Environmental Degradation
Professor Dominic Akpan, Joseph Akpabio
Interrogating the Place of Political Advertising for National Development: Nigeria’s Perspective Since 1999
Azibalua Onyagholo, Ph.D, Ebimoboere Konugah Lilian
Jeremy Bentham on Pain and Pleasure: Implication for Good Governance in Bayelsa State
Abubakar Zaria Ibrahim, Ph.D
Justice and Utility in Classical Utilitarianism and among the Sokoto Caliphate Scholars
Moses Debo Gbadebo, Ph.D, Fatai Oriyomi Asodun, Ph.D
Karl Popper and the Culture of Science in Africa
Okewu Michael Peter
Emmanuel Levinas’ Notion of Substitution as an Ethics of Responsibility for the Other
Anthony Chinaemerem Ajah, Martin F. Asiegbu, Josephine Ngozi Akah
Re-Grounding African Studies: From Identity to Self-efficacy
David Peter Nsungo
A Multimodal Discourse Appraisal of Space and Spatiality vis-à-vis Migration in the Era of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Okolo, M.S.C
Poetry in African Society: A Philosophical Reflection
Ojile Barnabas Audu, Jesutunwase Jones Segun, Ph.D
Christianity and Political Leadership in Nigeria: A Perspective from St. Thomas Aquinas’ Political Philosophy
John Justice Nwankwo
The Concept of Reincarnation in African Metaphysics: A Philosophical Appraisal of Peter Alawa’s Ideas
Samuel Otu Ishaya, Ph.D
The Market Place and Its Idols: Evaluation of a Philosopher’s Reflections on Nigeria
Ikechukwu Monday Osebor, Ph.D
Native-centric Ecology as A Panacea to Aquatic Crisis?
Aloysius O. Dimgba, Ph.D
An Appraisal of Kwasi Wiredu’s Ethical Theory of Consensus
Paul Jimoh Ojo, Kingsley Ogunne
Intergovernmental Relations and Government Response to Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria
Dominic S. Umoh, Ph.D
BOOK REVIEW: Memories of the Nigerian Civil War: An Ethico-Religious Hermeneutics
Edidiong Ekefre, Ph.D, Evelyn Etuk
Human Rights and Cultural Relativism vis-à-vis The Eradication of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Akwa Ibom State Since 2015
Ndongo Kamdem Alphonse, Anietie Moses Okon
Typologie Du Personnage Dans La Littérature Nigériane Francophone: Une Étude Des Espoirs Perdus De U. Angrey, Les Paradis Terrestres De F. Ojo-ade Et Un Nègre A Violé Une Blonde À Dallas De R. Sanusi.
Udok, Mbosowo Bassey, Ph.D, Udofia, Sylvester Dan, Ph.D, Eyo, Vincent Etim
Museum, Sustainability and Well-being in Nigeria: A Theological Approach
Manasseh E. Bassey, Ph.D
An Assessment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Policy in Nigeria, 2015 - 2023
Idorenyin Francis Esikot, Ph.D, Adahada Godwin Michael
A Critical Appraisal of the Notion of Arete in Heraclitus Philosophy
Iks J. Nwankwor, Ph.D, Chidoziri O. Ihehiulor
A Critical Exposition of Aristotle’s Legacies in Sociopolitical Philosophy
Ojo Olarewaju Paul, Ph.D
Of “Mushroom” and “Muchroom”: An Inquiry into the House Churches in 1 Cor. 16:19 Par and the Rise of Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria
Ijeoma Beulah Ofem, Sylvester J. Akpan
The Interaction Effect of Gender and Cognitive Ability Levels on Academic Performance of Biochemistry Students in South-South Nigeria
Ikea Chidimma S., Ph.D
Is There An African Feminism?
Larry Ebikekeme Wada
Implications of Imre Lakatos’ Scientific Research Programme for the 21st Century Studies on the Planetary Systems
Nevelyn W. Batta, Ph.D, EmeIniobong Ukpabio
Perspectives and Management of Work place Emotions in the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Uyo Zonal Command
Olawoyin Kayode Wakili, Ph.D
Information and Communications Technology and Quest for Local Service Enhancement in Southwestern Nigeria: Myth or Reality
Thomas Terkura Mchia
A Reflection on Aristotle’s Golden Mean, in Relation to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
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