Exploring the Nature of Academic Research and its Implication for National Development
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Academic Research
National Development
Knowledge Production


Some scholars and academics do think that research is merely a 'paper work' basically aimed at fulfilling some academic or job requirements, and so might not have direct impact on national development. This is mistaken. Hence, this work contends here that academic research has some positive implications for national development. This work aims at stimulating the minds of academic researchers to know that they owe their nation and society some duty regarding the production and application of knowledge aimed at national development. This paper explores the nature and philosophical basis of academic research - showing that it is a conscious and systematic investigation into some identified problems aimed at understanding and proffering some solution. It also examines the concept of national development and posit that it involves changing for the better- all aspects of a nation including individual, political, social, economic, religious, scientific and technological spheres. This paper contends that there is intellectual burden on scholars to take the development challenges as the impetus to consciously search if they must be seen to make significant contributions toward national development. This work employs the textual and contextual analysis approaches where data from texts and articles are analyzed and synthesized within the context and scope of the discourse.

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