Addressing The Recurrent Sociopolitical Crisis in Nigeria: A Metaphilosophical Perspective
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Nigerian sociopolitical, economic and security problems


This paper addresses the recurrent and numerous Nigerian sociopolitical, economic and security problems through Metaphilosophically reducing them to their basic underpinnings. Ordinarily the plethora of Nigerian problems would constitute confusion to a sane mind that wants to handle them without delineating some criteria. It is in consequence of this that this paper tasks itself with proffering solutions by going through the metaphilosophical gains of philosophy over the years. The objective is to address holistic issues or problems through their most fundamental causes. The relevance of this endeavour and procedure would be to reduce the cognitive stresses, placing us on Karl Marx's pedestal of not only interpreting the world around us, but finding a meaningful change to it. We shall limit ourselves to the problems before us and to our field of specialization (philosophy) in the discussion. Thus, our methods shall not only be reflection, criticism and prescription, but shall include the integrative, global and comprehensive gains of philosophy over the years, or its Metaphilosophical values. This study contributes to knowledge by stretching the horizon of recent academic or professional philosophizing from its primordial beginnings, in the real search or love of wisdom, to the benefits of the discipline over the years, especially as its concerns the recurrent sociopolitical crisis in Nigeria.