Inculcating True African Spirit: A Panacea for the Liberation of the Niger Delta People of Nigeria
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The work titled ''Inculcating True African Spirit: A Panacea for the Liberation of the Niger Delta People of Nigeria''. The work examined the conflict situation among the people of Niger Delta; the situation in this part of the country had been on for years. The problem has affected lives and properties, disrupted sources of livelihood of people and destabilized the entire region- economically, politically and socially. Government actions through deployment of military personnel and lots more seem to have failed in resolving the problem. The need to employ other means to deal with the situation has necessitated this topic, which explores '' how inculcating true African Spirit can be a panacea to the peace of the region. The work is based on the ''deprivation and Recognition'' theories of Hegel and Honneth. The work adopted mixed method of research (qualitative and quantitative). Being empirical in nature, a survey of African spirituality impact was conducted among the Niger delta people, with special reference to aged 16-64 years. The Data was collected and documented since the 1940's. These were however, limited to specific population groups that have small sample sizes. The diverse geographical spread of the people, the ethnic diversity and the rural-urban variations was considered. A cross-sectional survey of the African spirituality impact to sustainable development was conducted among the Niger Delta Region's people, aged 15-64 years and spread across the 6 States of the South-South geopolitical zone. Models of conflict resolution were also adopted. Approaches and foci of historical and cultural identity measures were considered to vary across this divide with considerations for the socio-cultural norms for its influences on the conflict and struggle. Random sampling methods of survey were used for data collection and interpretation. The finding shows that true spirituality is a Panacea to the liberation of the Niger Delta people from crisis that impedes peaceful resolution. Cultural identity issues include African spirituality: and this is original and should be given a pride of place while dealing with the people. The work recommends that inculcating the true African spirit in conflict resolution will bring about peace in the Niger Delta Region.