Information and Communications Technology and Quest for Local Service Enhancement in Southwestern Nigeria: Myth or Reality
sapientia journal vol 18


Service Enhancement
Grassroots Development
Southwestern Nigeria


The nexus between ICT and service improvement in local governance in Southwestern Nigeria is discussed in this article. In Southern Nigeria, there doesn't seem to be much of an effort to look at how ICT usage may improve local services. The article relies on primary data sourced through the mixed method approach (a systematic combination and synchronisation of quantitative and qualitative responses) of administering of questionnaire on local council ICT officers, registered voters, local community and youth leaders and key informant interviews of officers of ICT non-governmental organisations. For the Quantitative design, 418 respondents were administered with questionnaire, while 18 key informants were purposively interviewed. Results indicated a positive correlation of +0.373 between ICT and local service enhancement in Southwestern Nigeria. Data were analysed with SPSS; correlation coefficient analysis was done using tables; and interview responses were presented using content analysis. According to the study's findings, effective and efficient service enhancement would be improved in rural communities through the use of appropriate ICT tools and technologies.