Is There An African Feminism?
sapientia journal vol 18


African Feminism


Feminism has been misconceived and misinterpreted for ages, as such one who talk of feminism is seen with suspicion. There have been so many debates that feminism is un-African, hence there is no African feminism. This work focuses and analyses the concept of womanhood (in Africa), features, functions and roles and expectations in the society. If Africans and African women oppose oppression, maltreatment, subjugation, discrimination and all other related terms, then they uphold human right, which is part and parcel of feminism. In other words, feminism is centered on fundamental human right. No doubt western culture and feminism is different from that of African. No doubt, colonialism affected the lives, culture and wellbeing of Africans, hence there is a big difference between African feminism and western feminism. This paper concludes by affirm the reality of African feminism as centered on familyhood, motherhood, heterosexuality and culture.