Museum, Sustainability and Well-being in Nigeria: A Theological Approach
sapientia journal vol 18


Creation Theology


The common perception about museum in contemporary time is that it is an archaic monument for old and useless artifacts. Museums are not accorded proper status and are left abandoned; vandalized and underfunded. The implication of this perception has affected the functionality of museum which ought to serve as a centre of enlightening and educating the public. Hence, the paper is a qualitative attempt aimed at critically appraising the sustainability and well-being of museum in the optic of creation theology. The paper argued that God had endowed humanity with the prerogative of being a faithful steward to protect and preserve what had been created and entrusted to him/her as a crown of creation. Acting as a destructive agent, causing an erosion as well as an extinction of what had been committed to his/her care is an act contrary to divine will. The paper concluded that as one of the nature's gifts, museum must be well protected and sustained for the betterment of the society and to help future generations grasp knowledge of their history; culture and religious development. It recommended that the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) as an umbrella body of public museums in Nigeria should look toward making polices that will rejuvenate museums and prevent mishandling of museum resources by workers and visitors.