BOOK REVIEW: Memories of the Nigerian Civil War: An Ethico-Religious Hermeneutics


The 79 paged book with a fascinating title, Memories of the Nigerian Civil War: An Ethico-Religious Hermeneutics; a captivating Foreword by a seasoned scholar, Dr. Joseph Udondata of Obong University, Obong Ntak, Nigeria; dedicated to the author's spiritual son Rev. Fr. Fabina Martins Obungwahand to the parishioners of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is an unputdownable monograph and classic literary masterpiece. Artfully constructed with gripping narrative to relate the horrific spectacles of the Nigerian Civil War (1967 – 1970) from the author's personal experience, the book is sufficiently insightful to be an important reading for anyone desiring deeper insights into the casualties of that War as well as the tremendous ethical and religious lessons that humanity can learn from the War. Only a cerebral scholar, philosopher and theologian like Rev. Fr. (Assoc. Prof) Dominic S. Umoh could have written it.

Benjamin, Etiemana Warrie,

Department of Religious and Cultural Studies

Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa Campus.