Non-Verbal Communication in Multicultural Organizations: A Study of KEDI Healthcare, Uyo
sapientia journal vol 18


Nonverbal Communication


This Study examined how nonverbal communication works in multi- cultural organizations, with Kedi Healthcare, Uyo as Case Study. It sought to find out the forms of nonverbal communication used in Kedi Healthcare, Uyo; how well distributors/customers with special communication needs and language incompetencies understand the nonverbal communication forms as well as the effectiveness of the forms of nonverbal communication used by the organization. The survey research design was used for this study. The population of the study was 875 while the sample size was 278 and the research instrument used was the questionnaire. The Study found out that Kedi Healthcare Uyo uses nonverbal forms of communication like: facial expressions, sign language, eye contact, appearance e.t.c to communicate with these distributors /customers. It also discovered that many of Kedi Healthcare distributors/customers with special needs and language incompetencies do not understand the nonverbal communication forms used by the organization and thus, do not benefit from many of their information. The Study therefore recommended that Kedi Healthcare, Uyo should pay close attention to their nonverbal communication cues to avoid leaving these group of distributors/customers confused.