Socio-Political Crisis in Nigeria: Applying Kantian Ethics for Effective and Good Governance
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Kantian Ethics


The basis for justification of human actions is very controversial. The truism is that many nations with diverse ethnic groups are laden with different social and political problems for instance in Nigeria, Boko Haram in the north, crisis of indigenous people of Biafra in the south, kidnapping, human trafficking, rape and many other inhuman action have now become serious human activities, all these and many other is traced to act of injustice in the state. Immorality and corruption has completely taken over our public lives to the extent that it has become it impossible for the country to move forward politically, socially, and economically. How can the needed societal values and human relationship expected among human being be achieved has become a universal question among the scholars. It is response to this and many other questions agitating human minds that, many philosophers like Emmanuel Kant has proffered reasonable resolutions. Through critical evaluative analysis of the socio-political situation of the nation, the paper explore that Kantian ethic of goodwill hope to build an effective good governance for Nigerian and even African nations.