Time Consciousness in Ibibio Philosophy and Culture
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philosophy and culture
Mkpong, Mfin, Idahaami, Aakpene, Ayakpene
Usiere, Ubakusen, Uuweme, Nndubi and Okoneyo


The phenomenon of time is very complex in Ibibio philosophy and culture. The aspects of Mkpong, Mfin, Idahaami, Aakpene, and Ayakpene; and the construct of Usiere, Ubakusen, Uuweme, Nndubi and Okoneyo reveal the complexity. The purpose of this essay is to undertake an in depth analysis of the various dimensions of Ibibio time consciousness. Having done the analysis and compared it to the Western clock technology consciousness, it was noted that there is too much wastage of man hour in the Ibibio traditional time consciousness and utilization. The paper therefore concludes that there is urgent need for adaptation and regularization of the Ibibio time consciousness to ensure effective progress and development.

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